Its has been quite sometime since we last spoke my friend…….

My my what a wild world we find ourselves in these days.  Disease of the body, mind, and souls is rampant in this country.  If we make it to the election before a civil wars breaks out it will be amazing.  The protests are stupid and out of hand.  The counter protesters are stupid and out of hand.  The police need to smash the protesters that are violent and destructive.  If they let it “burn itself out” that shows that it is okay to burn the city down and to loot.  It is tacit approval and people have the shits of seeing it.  No justice no peace?  People are going to light these violent protesters up with gun fire.  It is a matter of time before it gets ultra violent.  At that point the police and democratic Mayors and Governors will realize that “oh shit” I should have done something to stop this.  But at that point 1000’s of people will be dead.  Didn’t Elliot try to warn us that this was a bad idea?  Did no one watch Mr Robot?   I pray for White Rose to make everything okay again.

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Wedding Confessions: Why Being Married Is No Excuse to Stop Dancing

Source: Wedding Confessions: Why Being Married Is No Excuse to Stop Dancing

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second entry

im wandering aimlessly, stumbling around this site. i have no idea what i am doing. i cant use proper punctuation because my phone makes all sorts of strange things happen when I hit any alt buttons. I just found out how to capitalize! YAY ME! I don’t have much to say. Its been another wonderful night of work on third shift. No sleep yet. I have no life anymore. Third shift has sucked the soul out of me. I work and watch television. Shity television at that. I don’t sleep right so I have no energy to do anything. My brain is fried so anything that takes thought is out. I’m physically beat so activity is out. I don’t know what to do. You can’t quit a job until you have a better paying job somewhere else. That’s not happening anytime soon. BTW the punctuation is automatic now somehow that’s cool complain and it fixes itself. Maybe that will work with my life. I guess I should write and it will be. So later today a package arrives with 29,000$ shows up. Then my car doesn’t have a dead battery and the boss calls and says not only do I get a raise but take a week off because I’ve been doing such a good job. Dreams do come true!

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my first blog

hello world,

this is me. i am myself. i am no other and try not to be anyone other than myself. at times i find myself lost. then there are those moments of total clarity. like the grand design has given you the map. it leads the way like it has you by the hand. pointing out the pitfalls and loose stones. those are the times that i really feel alive. those are the times that it is worth being alive. now is not one of those times.

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